5 Extraordinary Ways of Saying – I Love You – to Your Partner without Saying A Single Word

A relationship doesn’t succeed in a day. It needs several things. Compliments and romance are definitely two of those things.

Saying those three magic words directly to your partner several times a day might work for you but to be honest, we feel that that form of compliment/romance is too conventional. Also remember that if you overdo it, it might look too cheesy or too corny which would definitely not be what you had wanted at the start.

How about you do something different? How about doing something a little unconventional, something out of the box? Well, if you want to be a little unconventional, you’ll have to try and express your love without saying a single word to your partner. That’s because actions speak louder than words.

Here are a few out of the box ways that might come in handy for you.

  1. Romantic gestures

Everything’s in our gestures. The best way to pronounce your love for your partner is to express it in your gestures.

This might include simple things like:

  • Helping him/her in dinner preparations.
  • Dedicating a song to your loved one.
  • Watching a movie together.
  • Holding hands while crossing streets.

These gestures might look too petty on the hindsight, but they are effective; there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

  1. Surprise gifts

Everybody loves surprises. Your partner’s no different either. Plus if you can top it off with a little gift of his/her choice, it will seem like an icing on the cake.

Your gift doesn’t always have to be costly. It can be anything. A romantic movie surprise at night or a surprise walk in the park can do the trick nicely. Simple; yet effective.

  1. Listen

Yeah, we know that lovers prefer to talk all the time. Of course they should. They want to express their love to their partners. Words should obviously their preferred weapons.

But sometimes excessive talking becomes a killjoy especially when your partner isn’t even getting the chance to come up with a reply. Such a situation becomes a bit too uncomfortable and you should definitely try not to get into such situations.

Lovers do prefer to talk all the time but they hardly ever listen to one another. So one of the best advices from our ends would be to listen to your partner. Listen to his/her opinions closely and make him/her feel that you value them equally as yours.

Always remember that it’s a relationship. Both of your opinions matter.

  1. Send the message

Be a little creative and you’ll definitely get the best result. Phone messages, snapchats are WhatsApp messages are too common. Since, we’re dealing with a few extraordinary ways, in this topic we would avoid sending the message through those mediums.

You can send the message to your partner though a radio channel by dedicating a romantic song to your partner. Ask him/her to tune in at exactly the right time. Your partner would love it.

You can send your partner a beautiful romantic ecard on mail. Plenty of online ecard sites are available on the internet. Avail any one to your benefits.

Imagination is your best friend. Use it wisely.

  1. Bring out your inner child

Have fun with your partner. It can work wonders.

For example:

If your partner’s favorite song is playing on the radio, ask your partner to a dance with you. Involve yourself in silly things like pillow fights with your partner. Just let your imagination run wild. It’ll do the trick nicely.


You do not have to say “ I love you” all the time to make your partner aware of the fact that you love him/her dearly. Your actions speak louder than words. Use your actions to your benefits. Good luck!