How Businesses can Benefit from Sending c to Their Customers

The custom of sending greetings is an age old one indeed. But previously, it was usually enclosed within the realms of relatives, love and friends. But lately, the same custom has actually spread its wings to the professional zone of businesses.

Businesses, these days are considering sending ecards to their customers for a number of professional reasons that can actually benefit them as a whole. In here, we have discussed all these business benefits in greater details. Let’s go through them without further ado.

Ecards support the power of mobility that can actually generate a lot of business on its own

All ecards (be it a video ecard or a simple image-based ecard) support the power of mobility.

Now any business tactic that’s mobile-friendly is a sound one indeed. The reason is pretty simple. These days most businesses have a huge chunk of relevant traffic on the mobile internet. A simple dispatch of a holiday ecard accompanied with a number of offers/discounts etc. can actually play a great role in dragging in a huge chunk of traffic to the business page.

Any business tactic like that can definitely generate an increased number of business dealings during the holidays. Now that is something that’s craved by most, there’s simply no doubt about it. So what are you still waiting for?

Most ecards give users the power to personalize them as they see fit

This is what makes ecards among a standout among the crowd and places them a level ahead of physical greeting card.

You will be able to design your ecard as you see fit. Do you want to add a few photographs? No problem! Go ahead; you can include that in an ecard provided you know the technique as to how to use Photoshop or GIMP etc.

Do you want to use a video instead of an image in your ecard? Yes, that’s also possible. SO you can very well see that personalization is definitely their cup of tea which is a good thing indeed.

In case, you don’t have the time to design your own video/image for your ecards, you can actually send generic ecards to customers in general. Plenty of free online ecards are available on the internet that you can use to your benefits. In such cases, you’ll at least be able to design the message as you deem fit. Now that is also  part of personalization; isn’t it?

An ecard might be able to create a bigger impression on your audience

Impressions are everything in the business world. The more impressions you make on your audience, the more business you might be able to generate even out of the blues.

Say for example,

You had a client once in the past who had actually opted for a service at your business platform. And then after the closure of the deal, your client never came back to you again for any future service of his. Okay, now almost every business has these type of clients at least at some point of time.

What can you do in your current circumstances to bring back the connection from a professional point of view? Always remember that the key to a business success depend a lot on returning customers. You can use professional holiday ecards as a part of your tactic to bring back the connection between you two. Things like that can definitely benefit you in the long run.

A few more benefits…

  • Ecards are inexpensive.
  • They are much faster in comparison to that of physical cards when delivery is concerned.
  • They are environmental-friendly.


So what do you think now? Will your business benefit from sending ecards to your customers on account of any occasion? The answer is basically a no-brainer my friend.