The Different Types of Greeting Cards

The custom of sending greeting cards on account of any occasion is nothing new. In fact, it dated back to ancient times. The same custom is prevalent today with a variety of upgrades hither and thither to make the custom more attractive to the masses in general.

Today, we have several types of greeting cards available in the market. In this article, I will discuss each and every one of these cards in thorough details. Take a peek.

  1. Regular greeting cards

It’s a standard card printed on a high quality paper (usually a card or a stock) and is usually  rectangular in shape and folded in the middle. There’s the presence of a decorative motif at the front with a pre-printed greeting message inside depending on the occasion. A blank space is also provided inside the card for the sender to scribble a message or his/her signature in the end.

A regular greeting card usually comes with a matching envelope. Some cards might even have a few additional fancy materials ranging from ribbons to that of a gold leaf. Everything feature is naturally dependent on the price of the card.

Here are a few samples for you.

  1. Photo greeting cards

These days, the popularity of photo greeting cards has gone off the roof. These cards usually come in two types.

The first type includes the ones where a fancy hole is punched in the form of a specific shape at the front of the card and a photograph is placed from the inside of the card in such a way as if it’s covering up the entire hole punched at the front of the card. This will give it a frame-like effect.

The 2nd type is more direct where a photograph is directly printed onto the face of the card in combination with that of the artwork. Both of these types are pretty popular among the masses because they suit almost every occasion ranging from Christmas to Valentine.

  1. Electronic greeting cards

These are also known as ecards and are sent electronically to the recipient via the internet. Ecards come with several benefits. The primary benefits of sending an ecard to a recipient is that it takes only a split second for the ecard to get delivered to the recipient.

The second benefit of them is that they are pretty cost-effective in comparison to that of the physical greeting cards made on a stock or card paper. There are a few more benefits as well. In fact, most of these ecards are even available for free.  Plenty of free online ecards are available on the internet that anyone can use according to the occasion.

You’ll just have to type in your message, enter your recipient’s email ID and CLICK! The ecard will be off to his/her inbox in a flash.

  1. Pop up greeting cards

These cards are pretty popular among children.

A pop up card is one which, once opened have a picture popping outward giving one some sort of a surprise. Pop up greeting cards make the perfect birthday and valentine presents because of that little surprise effect that comes with them.


Source- Flickr

  1. Musical cards

These cards play a pre-recorded music as soon as they are opened by the reader. These are commonly made for birthdays where they usually come recorded with the famous “happy birthday to you” song. A beautiful blessing of technology!

  1. Personalized greeting cards

Several websites provide customers with the option to personalize  a card according to his/her liking. After the design’s done and dusted, the card’s directly sent to the recipient without further ado.


Every greeting card is unique in its own way. But do you know what’s the most important factor behind all such uniqueness? It’s the message of the sender that comes with it. That’s what makes it a live entity; something that should be cherished and treasured for a long time indeed.