Ecard protocols: The different Dos and Don’ts

The custom of sending electronic cards to people in general have gained huge momentum in recent times for a number of reasons. Most of these reasons are directly related to the convenience that come with them. Even businesses are using holiday ecards as a part of their marketing programs to draw in more customers over the festive times and generate more business as a result of it. And trust me; they ARE getting results.

So are you intrigued enough to use these little beauties as a part of your business gimmicks? Guess You probably are. But before you delve right into it, it’s necessary for you to know about a few ecard protocols or etiquettes for a sound marketing campaign.

DO send your cards early because early is better than late

Thinking about sending your customers holiday greetings according to the occasion? GREAT! It’s better if you send them early. The reason’s pretty simple. Early’s always better than being late.

So how should you dispatch your ecards to your audience on time? Here are a few tips for you to follow that are based on an example occasion (say Christmas):

  • Start on your card designs from mid November itself.
  • Personalization is the key to generating more business. So personalize each and every ecard according to your customer.
  • Send them cards during mid-December.
  • And brace yourself for a busy holiday period.

DON’T send specific occasion-based greeting cards when in doubt; send generic ones instead

For example, if you are unsure of the fact whether your customer actually celebrates Christmas (mentioned just as a form of example) or not, it’s better to avoid sending such cards to that customer in particular.

Go for more generic ones instead; ones that you know are surely going to do the trick for you. Send him/her a “happy new year ecard” instead  of a Christmas ecards. The new year is right around the corner and you can almost say with your eyes closed that s/he is going to celebrate the same (at least every human does).

So always stay on the safer side and make your decisions wisely. Such practices can definitely benefit your businesses in the long run.

DON’T send ecards frequently

If you send ecards to often to your customers even on basis of petty occasions, your ecards are going to lose the charm.

Your customers will start seeing your ecard communication as a type of “white noise.” That mail will just be tossed up aside and all that uniqueness will go straight down the drain. So maintain a form of rhythm; maintain a form of periodicity on basis of which you should send ecards to your clients.

Maintain a form of thumb rule though: Send ecards to your customers only on basis of important national and international occasions (like New Year, Easter, Christmas and so on).

DON’T be too infrequent though

Well of course, I just highlighted above the fact that frequent dispatch of ecards to clients or prospective clients can actually hurt your business as a whole. Similarly the complete reverse of the statement can also hurt your business in general.

Don’t be too infrequent in your communications or you’ll lose your chance to develop some form of a personal relationship with your customers. You’ll lose much of your brand awareness; something that’s totally undesirable from the business point of view.

Lastly, we would also like to tell you that being professional ecards, it’s more advisable for you to keep the message as brief as possible and right on the money. Things like that can definitely benefit you in the long run.