Make It up to Her: A Few Tips

Yep, you are in trouble right now! She’s mad at you and you don’t even know whether she’s going to forgive you again in future or not. Bu that doesn’t mean you should give up on her. You have to win her back. But how can you do that?

Should you send her flowers? Or should you send her chocolates? Now those are the proven, tried and tested methods that work wonders in your current circumstances. But before you pursue that route of your apology, you need to apologize to her directly either verbally or through a letter.

Here are a few tips that can come in handy for you.

Apologize verbally

Okay, we are not going to sugarcoat the solution in any way. Sincere apologies mean a lot. But remember don’t just be too causal in your approach; your girl may actually sense the insincerity in your apology. We’ll provide you with an example. Take a quick peek at this-

“Honey, I am sorry for being drunk.”-Do you think this statement is sincere enough from the hindsight? It’s short simple and right on money but can it do the job for you? If she’s mad enough, I don’t think a statement like that can cool her down in a second.


“Honey, I am really sorry for my actions. I admit that that was really inappropriate. I honestly will try my best not to repeat it in future”- Do you think this one’s an upgrade over the statement depicted above? The answer’s “yes” I guess.

Follow a thumb rule mate: Instead of blaming a whole lot of person, blame yourself for your actions. That can actually go a long way indeed.

Send her a letter

Okay, now this is a proven, tried and tested method that almost never fails if you can do it the right way. Write her a letter.

Tell her how it was your fault; how you are sorry for your misbehaving act and finish it with a one-liner that should tell her the fact that you’ll never ever repeat it again.

You can actually write her this letter on a piece of paper and send her via post to keep everything a surprise or you can even pursue the quicker and digital route to get the message across.

Plenty of free greeting ecards are available on the internet through which you will be able to share your message to the recipient’s mail-box in a flash. Use any one that you deem appropriate for the task at hand.

Wait until things cool off

Sometimes the best solution is to do nothing. Give her a bit of her own space and time to cool things off between you two.

Then an approach can definitely be a good idea. Don’t just go in with an empty hand though. After all, it was your fault at the start for which she grieved a lot. A chocolate or a flower bouquet accompanied by a trip to her favorite concert (or something similar) can work wonders.


A few red hot warnings:

  • DO NOT just keep saying sorry to your girl repeatedly. It gets a whole lot more annoying after a point of time.
  • DO NOT rush her in any way.
  • Don’t try to tempt her with sexual compliments. Like saying she’s hot or something similar. Girls honestly don’t like that. Pretty or beautiful is the word they prefer.
  • Truly expensive gifts like diamond jewelry are a big no-no. She might develop the idea that you are trying to buy into her confidence.


Always remember to keep a cool head in heated conversations. A solution will definitely follow. With that, we’ll bring this article to a close. Hope this comes in handy for you.