Make any Ordinary Day Special: Ways to Spice Up Your Romantic Life

So do you think that the Valentine’s day is the only day in the year to get romantic with your spouse? Ah, come on! You have got yourself 365 days ( 1 more in case it’s a leap year) in a year and you’ll just reserve yourself a single day among all that for romance? Nah! That’s unacceptable.

You need to do it more often than not if you want to improve your married life. Here’s a few simple ways through which you can make any ordinary day extraordinary by spicing up your romantic life.   

Gift your partner thoughtful gifts

A flower or a chocolate is a proven, tried and tested method that always works. Specifically when romance is concerned, those two gifts are the ones that have been in fashion since ancient times.

But we’ll advise you not to go for that. Why? Chocolates and flowers are suitable for certain occasions but once you gift your partner the same on regular occasions, the charm’s going to wear off over time. So go for a few unique ones, ones that actually benefits you both in the long run.

Here are a few example:

  • If your partner’s a music lover, a ticket to a rock concert of his/her favorite rock band can definitely be a very good idea.
  • If s/he is a sports lover, a ticket to his/her favorite sport can also do the trick.
  • If s/he is a foodie, a beautiful candle light dinner can never go out of fashion. Or you can even gift him/her a cookbook if s/he exhibits a passion for food coupled with the passion of cooking.
  • If s/he’s a fashion lover, a fancy new dress or a suite can do the job for you.

 Tell her how much you love him/her

You can actually convey your feelings to your partner without wasting even a single word of your mouth. Yes, by that we certainly mean using the aid of thoughtful notes for this purpose of yours.

Vent your feelings on a small piece of paper and hide it in easily accessible places to give your partner a pleasant surprise. Or you can even use the aid of romantic ecards to tell him/her how much you love him/her. There are plenty of options. Just ensure you do it the right way.

Please do note that as far as this point is concerned, you shouldn’t do it too often. Otherwise, it would seem a bit too cheesy or too corny at times. Do it periodically based on the circumstances.

Do him/her thoughtful favors

Even doing thoughtful chores for your partner can very well convey your feeling for him/her to him/her in matter of seconds.

For example:

  • If your partner’s got a cold, take the pets out on his/her behalf at least for that day.
  • If your partner’s suffering from the allergies, offer to water the plants on behalf of him/her.
  • And now this is the best thing I guess if you are a man we are talking to: If your partner’s suffering from a fever, offer to actually cook for the day. That is going to cheer her up for sure.


Give your partner a thorough massage after a long tiresome day  

A thorough body massage after a long day at work feels total bliss. And honestly mate, you can’t get more romantic than that; can you?

Offer your partner a massage after his/her tiresome day at work. Trust us, it works. You wanted to spice up the romance in your married life; didn’t you? Well, this tactic’s one that can definitely do the job for you. It’s not even a possibility; it’s in fact a guarantee.


Lastly, we would like to say that do not overdo any of the things highlighted above in any way whatsoever. Otherwise, it would definitely make everything look a bit too clichéd to your partner’s taste. With that we’ll bring this to an end. Hope you had a good read.