5 Extraordinary & Out-of-the-box Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Expressing love can undoubtedly be a little tricky. This becomes seemingly impossible especially when you’re on a right budget. But that’s just a myth to be honest. You don’t require a load of dough to express your love to your partner especially on the day of your anniversary. What you need is a little bit… Read More

How to Send A Thank You Note: A Few Tips

Sending someone a “Thank You” note is a beautiful gesture indeed. Although this gesture is completely voluntary in nature but in some cases, you are pretty much expected to show your appreciation through this way. As an adult, you might have to show your gratitude through these little notes in a number of situations. These… Read More

Wedding Card Etiquettes: A Few Tips

It almost goes without saying that wedding cards are a customary thing to do for anyone who wants to convey their wedding wishes to a newly married couple. If you are someone who follows the traditional guest etiquettes, it’s better to bring your wedding card to the couple in person preferable on the wedding day… Read More