To Physical Card, Or Ecard: Now That Is The Question

Most people have this question these days especially when they start thinking about sending a greeting card to their near and dear ones on account of any special occasion.

Now the question is quite natural these days especially when you consider the wide number of choices you have in your disposal. Greeting card, these days come in many form ranging from the traditional stock paper cards to music cards to electronic cards.

To be honest, all are more or less effective enough to serve your purpose but the benefits and convenience of electronic cards make them a standout among the crowd.

Okay, now let’s get back to the original question then. Which one should you consider? Let’s see.

An electronic card may come with the option of personalization

Everybody loves personalization simply because it helps them to connect more with the object. A personalized object makes the recipient feel more at home which is the universal truth indeed. It garnishes sentimental values which is considered a desirable trait of any form of gift.

Now answer this question: do physical greeting cards give you the option of personalization? Well, I guess some do (some websites actually do offer a service where users will be able to personalize the design of a card which subsequently will be printed and sent off to the receiver’s address which is pretty time-consuming indeed) but most don’t.

Ecards on the other hand give the option of personalization. You will be able to personalize the card, the message and do other things according to your suitable niche, the taste of your receiver and your occasion. So is there something not to like? Guess not.

All you need to do is CLICK!

Speed? Yep, ecards are built for speed, thanks to the lightning fast sped of the internet.

Design your card, personalize your message, place your name in the end, enter your recipient’s email-address and just CLICK! And that’s it; it’s going to reach your recipient’s mail box in a flash. Now tell me something more convenient than this. Physical cards? Naah!

When prices are concerned, ecards win the race by a fair margin

We are stating a pretty obvious point here. Physical cards are head and shoulders above ecards especially when pricings are concerned. But if you consider value for money as a form of comparison between these two, ecards win the race comfortably.

In fact, several online ecards are available for free on specific ecard sites that you can use whenever you want wherever you are to your benefits. There are no hard and fast rules involved. Just choose from a wide selection, place your message, enter email ID and click send. You can’t get anything simpler; can you?

 No geographical barriers

Biggest benefit; isn’t it?

You can send an ecard to anyone, anywhere in the world from the very comfort of your drawing room. Your recipient can even be in the north pole but it still doesn’t matter to you especially when the delivery is concerned, provided s/he has an access to the internet and a working device to get on it.

A physical post poses higher risks of getting itself lost in the process; not ecards. Convenience you wanted; convenience you’ll get.

Environment-friendly? Yes, they are!

You don’t have to print or use any paper to send an ecard to your recipient. A simple digital click is enough.

Should I say more?

Of course it’s environment friendly in comparison to that of physical greeting cards. To be honest, you can actually close your eyes and come to this conclusion.


Getting back to the original question now

So what do you reckon? Ecards or physical cards; which one do you think among these two has the upper hand over the other? Honestly, the answer’s as clear as daylight mate.