Ecard protocols: The different Dos and Don’ts

The custom of sending electronic cards to people in general have gained huge momentum in recent times for a number of reasons. Most of these reasons are directly related to the convenience that come with them. Even businesses are using holiday ecards as a part of their marketing programs to draw in more customers over… Read More

5 Extraordinary Ways of Saying – I Love You – to Your Partner without Saying A Single Word

A relationship doesn’t succeed in a day. It needs several things. Compliments and romance are definitely two of those things. Saying those three magic words directly to your partner several times a day might work for you but to be honest, we feel that that form of compliment/romance is too conventional. Also remember that if… Read More

How to Send A Thank You Note: A Few Tips

Sending someone a “Thank You” note is a beautiful gesture indeed. Although this gesture is completely voluntary in nature but in some cases, you are pretty much expected to show your appreciation through this way. As an adult, you might have to show your gratitude through these little notes in a number of situations. These… Read More